23 Jul

World's strangest Wi Fi hotspots

By WiFiNovation

Cape Town – If you had to re-imagine Maslow’s triangle for our postmodern age, internet access would probably fit squarely in with the broad base of basic needs.

While this may seem somewhat depressing, it is what it is and we should all just embrace it. In fact, it seems as though this is already the case, as some pretty weird and wonderful places are home to Wi-Fi connections (though, not all of them free).

We take a look at a few of the most fascinating:

Canada’s National Parks Parks

Canada, a national agency that looks after sites including the Rocky Mountains and the Bay of Fundy on the Atlantic, announced that they will be setting up around 15 to 20 wireless hotspots in some seriously remote areas.

They hope that the installation of Wi-Fi will assist people who are required to stay in constant contact with their workplaces, even while whale-watching or hiking.

Mount Everest, Nepal

Probably the last spot you’d ever think would have any sort of internet access, but hey! The world’s highest mountain actually has a few, with the highest one located at Everest Base Camp at about 5km above sea level. #hikingselfie!

The North Pole

A hotspot in one of the coldest places on the planet. There’s just something funny about that! Anyway, in 2009 two Intel employees set up a Wi-Fi connection at Barneo ice camp, just 80km from the actual North Pole.

The remote village of Sarohan, India

Up until as recently as 2005, the tiny village of Sarohan in India didn’t even have electricity. However, these days a large tower looms over the 2 000 or so residents, allowing them access to an entire world of information on the internet. Pretty amazing!

The Sea Point Promenade, Cape Town

One of the Mother City’s most popular spots, the picturesque Sea Point promenade boasts free Wi-Fi! Perfect to capture and share those intense sunsets that settle over the sea every evening.

Phone booths, Moscow, Russia

Residents of Moscow can access Wi-Fi using dozens of phone booths around the city, so long as they have a pre-paid phone card and SMS authorisation.

The International Space Station… sort of

Okay, okay, technically it isn’t the real sort of Wi-Fi, we have down here, but in 2008 NASA equipped the International Space Station with a wireless local …read more    

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