19 Apr

Why hotels will have no excuses for poor wifi

Hotels need to ensure that the lucrative business travel segment has the wifi connections they need in order to communicate at all times during their stay.

In the third quarter of 2010 global business travelers spent 37% of their entire network connection time during business trips at hotels –the number one connection point for these busy workers.

On average they spent nearly 90 minutes connected each time they logged on.

The impact of wifi services at hotels cannot be underestimated especially when trying to ensure good business traveler retention rates.

Regardless of whether the wifi service is an additional paid service or a free service, business travelers need to access their corporate networks, communicate via email and use Unified Communication tools that enable them to perform productively in their employment roles.

Business traveler guests expect the same standard of service from a hotel concierge as they do from their wifi service and if hotel guests don’t get the network service they need – they will find another hotel that does provide good wifi service.

While hotels are doing a good job of following complaints with hotel wifi problems (83% of business travel guests inform the front desk or fill out a card) it can still cost hotels dearly in terms of guest retention.

Nearly 36% of business travelers stated that a poor wifi service influences their decision to stay with that particular hotel again and for 16% it influences whether they book that hotel chain again.

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