UnWired Managed Network

Managed Internet & WiFi

UnWired helps you get the most out of your Internet and WiFi by maximizing your service and security while simultaneously minimizing internal and external threats and unnecessary utilization. Our solution is meant for any business that relies on internet and WiFi for its daily operations.

Internet and WiFi management is a managed IT service that focuses specifically on delivery and oversight of internet and WiFi. Managed Internet and WiFi packages will vary based on your business and specific needs, but typically include the following:

A fully planned and optimized wireless network, developed around your expected usage and layout of your working space.

Malleable network design built to deliver peak performance when your internet users need it most.

Ongoing reporting on network utilization and network threats.

Flexible authentication methods for network users including RADIUS, PMS, social media, shared credential and more.

Segmented public and private networks to maintain security and network integrity.

Network wide content monitoring and filtering to remove offensive content from your network and prevent security breaches.

Level 1 Helpdesk support for internet and wireless related issues – 24/7/365.

What benefits does your business get from Managed Internet and WiFi?

Graphic user interface for network-wide management and visibility – Gain full insight into your network using a single interface. View graphic reports on bandwidth use, peak utilization, internal and external security threats.

Fully managed solutions enable you to manage your business – Free up your time and focus on your business while our engineers monitor your network 24/7. If something goes wrong, we’ll see it right away and have it fixed immediately.

Custom tailored solution for your business – No two businesses are alike so we wouldn’t deliver some cookie-cutter solution. A hotel may want to deliver free internet in certain floors and paid internet for their guests, along with a private network for their staff. A technology start-up may want to enable large data transfer capabilities for their staff but present a whole different internet experience for their guests. Everything is possible after we assess your unique internet needs.

Engage with your customers through branded WiFi – With our network management equipment, you’re able to deliver a whole new experience to your end users over the internet. Fully branded splash portals, targeted advertising, and browser overlays enable your company and brand to deliver a full immersed internet experience.

Enable a true Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Environment – The security issues and general nuances with running a BYOD environment are a thing of the past. With our managed internet and WiFi solution, end user devices can be provisioned instantly and web filtering tools will help enforce security as soon as devices enter the network.

Contact us today to set up UnWired Managed Bandwidth at your office or event. Our internet services are customized for your specific needs including amount of users, required bandwidth and network policies.