13 Mar

Understanding Wi-Fi Signal Strength vs. Wi-Fi Speed

By TheRuckusRoom

The relationship between Wi-Fi signal strength and the speed at which data can be transferred over that signal is something that is essential to understand when it comes to Wi-Fi performance.

One question we constantly get is this:

When I connect my computer
to a wireless network, does a stronger signal always imply faster webpage loading, downloads, etc?

The answer, like all answers to WI-Fi questions, can be difficult to get a grip on.  So here’s a good, fairly simple explanation from one of our rocket-scientist founders, Bill Kish, that should help clarify things.

All other factors (of which there are many) being equal, stronger signal strength is correlated with higher data transfer speeds, with a couple exceptions and assuming an optimal physical layer data rate selection algorithm. The super detailed, professional and technical diagram below shows a typical relationship for any modern wireless system with adaptive modulation:

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