28 Mar

MDU, Senior Care, DirecTV, and Internet

Unwired Engineering approaches every project as unique and our team is patient and thorough in our methodologies. Our process begins with assessment and predictive estimates. We conduct comprehensive on-site assessments at no charge to the customer.

And regardless of the request, our team prides itself on completing and presenting a comprehensive proposal that accounts for integration effects.

We recognize that every wired and wireless device, staff or resident application, needs to be accounted for and contributes to overall community efficiency – phones, internet, Wi-Fi, TV, nurse call, door access, low voltage security and cabling.

Our solutions are customized for every project, and yet our pricing and tiered service support provide your community with the exceptional “top shelf” value.

Key services include:

High-definition DIRECTV and DISH TV bulk and direct to home programming, including special pricing/packaging for affordable housing

Proactively Managed high-speed bandwidth via fiber, coaxial/copper, microwave

MDU-friendly WiFi and/or CMTS Wi-Fi solutions for community and staff access.

Staff and resident phone solutions – choice of high definition VOIP and PBX

Affordable, long-lasting analog and wireless cameras, door access, concierge and nurse call applications

Costs effective, standards based cabling solutions including, Single- and multi-mode fiber cabling, coaxial and Siamese cabling solutions

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