28 Mar

Custom Gateway Controllers

Equipment Sales and Support

UnWired has developed a line of custom gateway controllers and tools purpose built for MDU, Apartment, RV Park, WiSP, and other amenity network management needs.  With the UnWired Gateway you can control access to internet, shape bandwidth, block nasty stuff, and monetize your network.

While we are vender independent we lead with tried and tested solutions that have proven to be the best of breed solutions. Delivering superior performance at a value based price.


We sell and support Network Solutions.

Lease or Hosted Service

As costs to maintain and replace networking technologies increases, business owners are seeking cost effective alternatives. UnWired Engineering offers a versatile and comprehensive solutions to the maintenance needs that our customers may experience.
Our economical hosted plans will allow your business to put a fixed annual cost on the installation and maintenance of your equipment, with no extra surprises or added maintenance costs.

You can lease the entire solution turn key on a three year plan.

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