08 Apr

Hotel Wi-Fi Speed and Reliability Are Key Differentiators

J.D. Power and Associates’ 2010 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey indicates
wireless Internet access is among the top five amenities guests note about hotels. While the
survey is silent on whether wireless Internet is a principal factor in hotel selection, according to
the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, 80 percent of travel managers indicated that Wi-
Fi performance was a deal maker/breaker in choosing a hotel.

A range of factors influences guest loyalty and visit frequency, and broadband performance is
an increasingly important determinant of guest satisfaction—a useful and early indicator of
guest loyalty. In the meeting-planning business, advance corporate teams make broadband
performance a key criterion in hotel selection. In other areas of hospitality such as restaurants,
Wi-Fi again is an important determinant of venue selection.

FoodServiceWarehouse.com reports that 64 percent of respondents in a recent survey make a
restaurant choice based on availability of Wi-Fi services. Similarly, passengers have made Wi-Fi
a selection criterion for airline and flight itineraries. The question now is not whether to offer Wi-Fi, but how to use it for maximizing customer experience, loyalty, and revenues.

Guests’ increasing use of hotel broadband for entertainment, real-time communications,
gaming, and exchange of rich media already outstrips the broadband capacities of most
hoteliers. Moreover, with guests expecting reliable Wi-Fi services as part of the overall baseline
experience, meeting Wi-Fi performance expectations is no longer an option for the hotelier.

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