10 Apr

Country’s Highest Speed Public Wi-Fi Network


Ruckus Wireless™ (Ruckus), has completed High Speed Public WiFi network. The City of San José to supply advanced Wi-Fi products and services for a new high-capacity, high-performance public Wi-Fi network initiative.

The new outdoor Wi-Fi network, initially being deployed in dozens of downtown locations, will cover San José’s business district, allowing the city to offer free high-speed Wi-Fi services. The new high-speed network will be capable of supporting tens of thousands of simultaneous users and hundreds of terabytes of aggregate traffic.

In addition, the City of San José’s new Wi-Fi network will now be able to support a myriad of new applications such as high-definition video, parking meters and digital parking guidance signs, video surveillance, and traffic signaling. The network will also play a key role in offloading mobile data traffic from congested cellular networks and will be used to backhaul data traffic to the Internet.

The city’s new Wi-Fi network is based on advanced Smart Wi-Fi technology developed by Sunnyvale-based Ruckus Wireless. Smart Wi-Fi uses miniaturized directional antenna arrays and innovative traffic handling techniques to extend wireless signals two to four times the distance over conventional technology. The Smart Wi-Fi technology is also unique in its ability to automatically avoid interference and obstacles that can severely degrade user performance. This results in much faster, more reliable wireless connections at longer ranges.

“As the world’s leading technology center, we strive to connect those who live, work and visit San José with the latest and most advanced technologies that Silicon Valley has to offer,” said San José Mayor Chuck Reed. “We see the Smart Wi-Fi network as more than simply infrastructure, but as an economic platform to attract businesses and entrepreneurs that want outdoor Internet access with the same speeds, capacity, and reliability that they enjoy indoors.”

The build-out of the next-generation public Wi-Fi network is a key part of the city’s long-term vision of enhancing its vibrant community and encouraging businesses and consumers to come together to enjoy downtown San José’s retail establishments, restaurants and cafes, and arts and entertainment activities throughout the year.

In 2004, San José was among the first large cities in the country to provide free wireless Internet access in downtown hotspots. But since then more devices, more users and more data-hungry applications have driven the need to overhaul the legacy Wi-Fi network.

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