10 Jan

Making the Most of Wi-Fi Calling">Making the Most of Wi-Fi Calling

By TheRuckusRoom In the time since Apple’s revelation that iOS 8 would support a form of Wi-Fi calling, the industry has seen a barrage of announcements, even TV commercials, around Wi-Fi calling. Come to find out that many of them are actually existing products and technologies simply re-spun. A deeper dive into Wi-Fi...
13 Dec

Top 5 Myths About 802.11ac | BCW">Top 5 Myths About 802.11ac | BCW

By WiFiNovation The latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, was approved in January 2014 and for the first time, enables Gigabit speeds over wireless operating three to 15 times faster than the previous standard, 802.11n. As the 802.11ac standard becomes more widely adopted, enterprises must proactively strategise to develop a plan to support the new...
13 Oct

Want Better Wi-Fi!">Want Better Wi-Fi!

By TheRuckusRoom …read more     I talk to thousands of people every year that are wanting. They want bigger homes, more relations, bosses without attitudes, faster cars, and more powerful firearms. While a seemingly random list, one “want” at the top of almost everyone’s list is simply better Wi-Fi....
23 Jul

World's strangest Wi Fi hotspots">World's strangest Wi Fi hotspots

By WiFiNovation Cape Town – If you had to re-imagine Maslow’s triangle for our postmodern age, internet access would probably fit squarely in with the broad base of basic needs. While this may seem somewhat depressing, it is what it is and we should all just embrace it. In fact, it seems as...
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