22 Apr

OpenDNS for content filtering and blocking

Whatever hotspot setup your company adopts, it’s a good idea to enable content filtering, as you probably don’t want visitors surfing inappropriate websites. Some routers and hotspot setups offer a content filter. If yours does not, you can enable the OpenDNS cloud security service on any router or hotspot gateway. If you need...
19 Apr

Why hotels will have no excuses for poor wifi

Hotels need to ensure that the lucrative business travel segment has the wifi connections they need in order to communicate at all times during their stay. In the third quarter of 2010 global business travelers spent 37% of their entire network connection time during business trips at hotels –the number one connection point...
15 Apr

Roaming and WiFi

Roaming refers to the experience we all enjoy on cellular, where you can get off a plane anywhere in the world and your smartphone works. The process of identifying roaming partners and authenticating is all handled automatically. Now we need to do the same for Wi-Fi roaming, and you don’t need to leave...
10 Apr

Country’s Highest Speed Public Wi-Fi Network

Ruckus Wireless™ (Ruckus), has completed High Speed Public WiFi network. The City of San José to supply advanced Wi-Fi products and services for a new high-capacity, high-performance public Wi-Fi network initiative. The new outdoor Wi-Fi network, initially being deployed in dozens of downtown locations, will cover San José’s business district, allowing the city...