17 May

Everything You Should Know About Hotspot 2.0

By TheRuckusRoom Here’s a long (9 minutes) but extremely informative video on Hotspot 2.0 from David Stephenson, a principal engineer at Ruckus and currently the Chair of the Wi-Fi Alliance Hotspot 2.0 Technical Task Group. Dave explains how Hotpot 2.0 works, who’s working on it, what they are doing, it’s value and what...
16 May

Keeping Wi-Fi Always Within Range

By THOMAS J. FITZGERALD It’s enough to give tech devotees the shivers: imagine being stuck on a train with no Wi-Fi, or out of range of the free access provided by coffee shops and bookstores. An important business report could go unfinished. Access to a customer list could be cut off. And any...
15 May

Being social about your business

A guest blog by Euan Semple, author of ‘Organizations don’t tweet, people do’ Online conversations If you run a small business or a cafe or a bar you already talk to your customers face to face and probably know your regulars and a little bit about them. They enjoy the relationship and it is part of why...