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27 May

Ericsson transforms bus windows into Wi-Fi antennas

Source PC World Ericsson may have a contender for oddest networking product if it commercializes the wireless bus windows it demonstrated at this week’s CTIA Wireless trade show. The windows would have built-in, translucent antennas connected to an internal Wi-Fi system for passenger use while on the road. In the example Ericsson showed...
27 May

Google plan to launch WiFi networks in emerging markets will connect millions

Google has been throwing a lot of effort and money into its Google Fiber gigabit Internet plans, having announced several cities in the past couple months that are slated to get the service. That won’t be the extent of its dabbling in the territory of Internet provider services, however, if sources who spoke...
25 May

Apple, Google putting mobile Wi-Fi users at risk, says security expert

By Paul Mah Despite having been identified years ago, the Preferred Networks List Wi-Fi bug remains unaddressed on many smartphones, warns security expert Raul Siles. The problem is simple enough, and has to do with how Wi-Fi client devices maintain a list of wireless networks that they have previously connected to. In an...

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