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18 Jun

Facebook’s Wi-Fi Spreads in the Wild

Wired The idea of offering people free Wi-Fi in exchange for their physical coordinates began at Facebook as a one-off experiment, a project by two engineers during an all-nighter in May 2012. Since then, Facebook has gradually spread what it now calls “Facebook Wi-Fi” further and further beyond the company’s corporate walls, deploying...
17 Jun

Hotspot 2.0 or Next Generation Hotspots

AlwaysOn is investing in new WiFi technologies to boost WiFi hotspot access in South Africa, which includes Next Generation Hotspots, Ruckus Smart Cell gateways, and hotspot apps. AlwaysOn CEO Nico Pretorius said that all AlwaysOn hotspots which offer the AlwaysOn Smart solution are Passpoint ready. “Passpoint is also referred to Hotspot 2.0 or...
14 Jun

Better Wi-Fi Coming in Waves

802.11ac is all the rage, and rightfully so. It represents another fundamental change in the innovation of the 802.11 protocol that promises to boost speeds into the gigabit world. 802.11ac gets this big leap in Wi-Fi performance using wider channels, more efficient modulation (the way in which bits are carried within RF waves),...
09 Jun

How to Be a WiFi Bandit While On the Road

I’m lucky to do a lot of extended travelling with the flexibility of my mobile job. So when I leave the country to explore another, I usually take my laptop and phone with me to work on the fly and to check-in on things back home. The problem with using your smartphone in...
07 Jun

Ruckus Unveils New Device Agnostic Networking Framework that Uniquely Combines High Capacity Wi-Fi with Best in Class BYOD

With the increased use of personal smart devices like smartphones and tablets at home, school, and work, organizations everywhere face challenges in supporting and managing different devices accessing their networks and network resources with limited administrative visibility. This can create performance, security and management concerns. The Ruckus DAN framework is a new approach...

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