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07 Jul

Miss Manners: Friend’s wifi password may be out of bounds for short visits

Dear Miss Manners: What is an appropriate delay between the time one arrives at a friend’s home and asking for their WiFi password? Gentle Reader: It is considered polite to say hello first. If you are a houseguest, you may ask during orientation — right after you have been told where the coffee is in...
05 Jul

Free Wi-Fi? Beware of security risks

Larry Higgs, Asbury Park (N.J.) Press Do you want to buy those shoes you are looking at online while sipping coffee and enjoying free Wi-Fi at the local bistro? Better stop before you shop. Waiting like a mugger in a dark corner may be a hacker, intercepting such information as your credit card...
03 Jul

Public Wi-Fi can alarm your browser, don’t let it alarm you

Rob Pegoraro, Special for USA TODAY Question: Why do Facebook, Twitter and other secure sites freak out the first time I connect to a Wi-Fi network that makes me log in over the Web? Answer. I know this routine all too well. You open a laptop, connect to the free Wi-Fi at an...
01 Jul

Cool New Technology Secures Open Hotspots">Cool New Technology Secures Open Hotspots

By TheRuckusRoom Hotspots are just that. People everywhere now have an insatiable demand for constant connectivity. You’re probably one of those people. That’s why public hotspots are predicted to rise by 350% by 2015, and the number of private hotspots is expeced to hit over 640 million (according to Informa Media and Telecoms)....

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