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18 Sep

The Real Life Dangers Of Using Public Wifi

Bill Hess just released a new actionable post on the dangers of public WiFi and how to protect yourself. It’s ridiculous how much danger most people put themselves into every time they use public WiFi. Please help us help him get the word out about how to stay safe when using public WiFi!...
01 Jul

Wi-Fi and Wired Connectivity for Every Room">Wi-Fi and Wired Connectivity for Every Room

By: Dennis Huang, WLAN Product Marketing How do you address complaints about Wi-Fi from users who are bringing more and more devices into your hotel rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms? While your dream is to deploy a robust and reliable Wi-Fi access point (AP) and an Ethernet hub in every room at an affordable...
13 Aug

Having Trouble Keeping Up with the Pokémon Go Ruckus Without Wi-Fi? We’ve Got You Covered.">Having Trouble Keeping Up with the Pokémon Go Ruckus Without Wi-Fi? We’ve Got You Covered.

By TheRuckusRoom …read more     You might have read about it in the newspaper. You might have heard about it on the radio. You might have watched the pundits exalt about the 25% surge in stock price. You might have event talked about it at the water cooler or come across the charts showing...
13 Aug

There’s a New Cloud in Town">There’s a New Cloud in Town

By TheRuckusRoom …read more     Back in the day, we only thought of clouds as big, white, fluffy objects in the sky that held a large collection of tiny droplets of water or ice crystals. When full, the clouds release those tiny droplets, known as rain. Obviously that kind of cloud still exists but...

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