22 Jun

A Wi-Fi Gamble That Pays Off @INTEROP?

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“Good Luck!”

That’s what I was told when an industry friend heard that we were providing the Wi-Fi service for this year’s Interop Las Vegas.

To be fair, the bar for Wi-Fi at Interop was quite low. Historically the Wi-Fi network has received less than stellar reviews from the attendees which is exactly why we decided to take on the challenge.

THE DESIGN Interop-sign

From a Ruckus perspective, given our experience at othe high-density events and venues, such as Mac Tech and Time Warner Arena, we knew that 5 GHz adoption would be quite high. In fact, no 2.4 GHz was provided on the exhibit hall floor due to high amounts of interference.

This was something that Glenn Evans, Interop’s Network Director, was adamant about because of his experience at the show. The interference is high because almost every vendor brings their own system to perform demos. With so little bandwidth available in 2.4 GHz, physics will always win out.

There were 18 APs placed evenly around the exhibit hall. Coverage, of course, was not the primary design issue. We designed for capacity.

One AP (even set at low transmit power)could have covered the entire show floor. However, we wanted to ensure the highest data rates and spectrum efficiency, so we determined that given AP mounting locations and available backhaul, 18 was the right number to achieve that goal.

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