13 Oct

802.11ac – Game Over

By WiFiNovation

There’s always a point in time where even though the game is being played, it’s obviously “game over.” I believe Chick Hearn coined the term a couple decades ago as “extended gar-bage [pronounced: gar-bhaj] time.”That time where the game gets played out because it has to, for one reason or another, but you know you’ve seen the point where the game is pretty much over. If you’re on the wrong end of that, you usually head for the exits to beat the traffic. There are always the die-hard fans who will think “two touchdowns in 90 secs … so you’re saying there’s a chance!” But it’s over.It dawned on me that this same sense has happened repeatedly in the networking industry. For me, I’ve seen it personally, just because of a front row seat to most of it. Early in the 1990s, it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that “Fast Ethernet” was going to rule the roost, if you can believe that. HP and a couple of other heavy hitters were backing a standard called 100-VG-AnyLAN or 802.12. The intention was to have a standard over 4-pairs of wires that could carry both token frames and Ethernet frames.

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