Monthly Archives: February 2018

15 Feb

Keep Calm and Wi-Fi On: A Common Sense Approach to an Uncommon Problem

By Ruckus   By: Heather “Mo” Williams, Solution Engineer for Global Field Sales Enablement       The exploit is called KRACK and details about this vulnerability have been published in true White Hat fashion, by the Imec-DistriNet research group of KU Leuven. Mathy Vanhoef and his team have identified as many as ten vulnerabilities in the WPA and WPA2 protocols,...
12 Feb

Wireless Infrastructure Powers the New Fan Experience

By: Thierry Chau, Global Practice Lead for Large Public Venues In modern stadiums, the competition isn’t just on the field. In the battle for fan mindshare and dollars, venue operators are going up against the living room, 4K TVs, smartphones with live interactive stats, and all manner of personal digital devices and applications—all...