Monthly Archives: March 2016

20 Mar

Gogo gets OK to speed up in-flight Wi-Fi

By WiFiNovation Traveling can be a burdensome process even when everything goes right. And chief among frequent flyer complaints is the lack of Wi-Fi access, or, when it’s available, the low quality of Wi-Fi, which in airplanes is often far too slow to stream video. See it on, via WiFiNovation …read more    ...
13 Mar

Understanding Wi-Fi Signal Strength vs. Wi-Fi Speed

By TheRuckusRoom The relationship between Wi-Fi signal strength and the speed at which data can be transferred over that signal is something that is essential to understand when it comes to Wi-Fi performance. One question we constantly get is this: When I connect my computer to a wireless network, does a stronger signal...
12 Mar

College students need food, sleep… and Wi-Fi. [VIDEO]

By TheRuckusRoom How important is Wi-Fi to education? When it comes to earning a college degree, reliable Wi-Fi is essential. Students want to be connected anywhere, any time in classrooms, dorm rooms, student centers, stadiums, or just walking across the quad. Reliable Wi-Fi is not only fundamental in promoting consistent learning, but it is...
09 Mar

How Shared Spectrum Can Improve In-Building Cellular

By TheRuckusRoom By: Juan Santiago, Director of Product Management You’ve been there before: You popped into a store and wanted to look something up on your smartphone while waiting in line. However, the cell signal shows just one lousy bar. You consider logging on to Wi-Fi but there are multiple inconvenient steps that...