Monthly Archives: January 2015

15 Jan

The Best Hotels for Free Wi-Fi

By WiFiNovation Regardless of where you’re staying, hotel Wi-Fi always seems like a crapshoot. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes it’s expensive, and oftentimes it’s so slow it doesn’t matter. Over on Hotel WiFi Test, they take a look at which hotels tend to have the fastest, cheapest Wi-Fi. Hotel WiFi breaks down their results...
12 Jan

What’s next for Wi-Fi? A second wave of 802.11ac devices, and then: 802.11ax

By WiFiNovation Now that blazing-fast routers based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard are finally entering the mainstream, intrepid engineers are busily cooking up all-new hardware that will make that gear’s performance seem quaint by comparison. That’s not to say 802.11ac is about to fall by the wayside—after all, the IEEE didn’t officially ratify...
10 Jan

Making the Most of Wi-Fi Calling

By TheRuckusRoom In the time since Apple’s revelation that iOS 8 would support a form of Wi-Fi calling, the industry has seen a barrage of announcements, even TV commercials, around Wi-Fi calling. Come to find out that many of them are actually existing products and technologies simply re-spun. A deeper dive into Wi-Fi...