Monthly Archives: March 2014

10 Mar

Hotspot 2.0 inches its way into public Wi-Fi networks

By WiFiNovation The Wi-Fi Alliance began certifying Hotspot 2.0 capable devices under its Passpoint program in the summer of 2012, and hotspot providers began installing NGH software into their access points last year, but none of them have actually offered the feature commercially. So far, we’ve only seen trials. At Mobile World Congress...
08 Mar

FCC urged to make more Wi-Fi spectrum available

PC World The U.S. Federal Communications Commission should move forward with a plan to open up new 5GHz spectrum to Wi-Fi as consumer demand for wireless bandwidth skyrockets, a member of the commission said Friday. Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel called on the agency to “seize this opportunity” and act on a year-old proposal to...