Monthly Archives: November 2013

30 Nov

PCTEL Launches Compact Dual-Band WiFi Antenna Products

By WiFiNovation a leader in simplifying wireless and site solutions for private and public networks, announced today the release of two new dual-band WiFi antennas designed to provide outstanding performance for critical wireless communications. These innovative, low-profile antennas can be mounted on any surface, making them convenient for a variety of industrial wireless,...
29 Nov

Retail & Wi-Fi: Improving the shopper experience

By WiFiNovation Shoppers today are no longer just confined to the brick-and-mortar retail experience. When retail customers walk into a store, they have more tools at their fingertips to access online shopping comparisons, store lookup, product search, online reviews and more, all via Wi-Fi on smartphones or other mobile devices. In this blog...
14 Nov

Seattle police department has network that can track all Wi-Fi enabled devices

By WiFiNovation The Seattle Police Department purchased a “mesh network” in February that will be used by emergency responders, but which will also be capable of tracking anyone with Wi-Fi enabled device. The network is not yet turned on, according to Seattle Police, but once it is, it will be able to determine...
08 Nov

Bang for the buck with explicit beam forming in 802.11ac

By WiFiNovation 802.11ac has brought with it MIMO alphabet soup … spatial streams, space-time streams, explicit beam forming, CSD, MU-MIMO. Alphabet soup triggers questions to which curious mind seeks answers. This post is an attempt to explore some questions surrounding explicit beam forming (E-BF) that is available in Wave-1 of 802.11ac. E-BF is...